Skull Base Institute

Sandra M., Oceanside, CA

I was treated by one of the finest doctors to walk the earth – Dr. Hrayr Shahinian MD of the Skull Base Institute.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the treatment I have received. My first surgery for an acoustic neuroma was performed over a decade ago. Unfortunately, but due to Dr. Shahinian’s close monitoring, we discovered that a tumor had grown back three years later.

Without his excellent care I would not have survived. Dr. Shahinian always knew just how to treat my condition. Because of his expertise and professionalism, I am alive today and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with few side effects.

Over the years, I have referred many patients to this excellent and caring doctor.

For example, I worked with a man whose seven-year-old son had a supposedly inoperable brain tumor. As a last-ditch effort I suggested that they see Dr. Shahinian. Well, I am happy to say that Dr. Shahinian saw the boy and operated on him, and the boy is now leading a normal life.

I cannot bestow enough praise upon this kind, talented doctor who saves lives on a daily basis. Many times he donates not only his time but also his fees in order to cure his patients. His actions are a necessary and outstanding part of the medical community, and I for one am grateful to him for the outstanding life that he has made possible.

Without Dr. Shahinian’s actions, I am sure that I would not be here today.

A grateful patient,

Sandra M.
Oceanside, CA

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